Travis Scott Shuts Down Instagram After Clowned Over His Batman Costume

Travis Scott Shuts Down Instagram After Clowned Over His Batman Costume
WENN/Lia Toby

The ‘Sicko Mode’ rapper appears to lose it after getting excessive trolling online for sporting a brown Batman suit to attend Kendall Jenner’s Halloween-themed birthday party.

Travis Scott (II) seemingly couldn’t take the heat anymore after getting backlash for his Batman costume. The rapper has deactivated his Instagram account after he was heavily mocked by social media users over his Halloween costume, which he donned to attend Kendall Jenner‘s star-studded birthday party.

Channeling his inner superhero, the 29-year-old donned a brown Batman suit, complete with a mask and cloak in matching color in a picture posted on the photo-sharing site on Saturday, October 31. He posed next to his brown vehicles and wrote in the caption, “DARKEST OF THE NIGHT. Wayne Enterprise. Cactus enterprise same difference.”

The “Sicko Mode” rapper also shared a video of him looking suave while stepping out in a brown suit before turning into the Gotham superhero. He was walking into an elevator where the Batman costume was still hung.

While Travis thought it was a flex, people quickly ridiculed him. “Travis Scott’s batman costume has me dead,” an unimpressed user wrote. Another similarly commented, “please tell me travis scott dressed up as doo doo batman not real.” A third person added, “i can’t stop laughing at travis scott’s batman costume.”

Some others compared Travis’ look to cockroach due to the costume’s brown color. “Mannnn I see a roach tf,” one weighed in, with another echoing the sentiment, “I’m still howling at this costume. Travis Scott really looks like a roach from a Raid commercial.”

It’s unclear if Travis has caught wind of people’s negative responses to his Halloween costume, but his Instagram account has been deactivated after he shared the said posts. Not apologetic, one person further trolled the hip-hop star, “Y’all bullied Travis Scott’s costume so much he deactivated his Instagram.” Another mocked him, “Not Travis Scott deleting his whole Instagram because everyone was making fun of his Batman costume. Someone said he’s crying himself to sleep in his quarter pounder bed.”

Some others defended him, with one tweeting, “People really bullied Travis Scott into deactivating his Instagram just cuz he wanted to post his costume.” Another wrote, “no way people bullied Travis Scott off instagram his costume not even bad it was lowkey fire.”

However, there were a few who think that Travis deactivating his account had nothing to do with the trolling. They believe that the Cactus Jack is coming up with new music instead.