Summer Walker Would Rather Live in Civil Rights Era Than Live With Curfew Amid Pandemic

Summer Walker Would Rather Live in Civil Rights Era Than Live With Curfew Amid Pandemic

The ‘Playing Games’ singer prefers living in a time where women were oppressed by men to having her life restricted with curfew amid the ongoing health crisis.

Summer Walker freaked out after watching France’s strict lockdown measures amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Instead of having her life restricted with curfew, the “Playing Games” singer would rather live in a time where women were oppressed by men.

The R&B star was so spooked by the tight rules overseas that she imagined it would be better to live in a civil rights era where women were banned from voting and entering certain professions such as medicine or law while the married ones had no property rights.

“Damn I feel bad for France.. & Australia,” the 24-year-old singer/songwriter shared on Instagram a video of the night time in France. “I rather had lived in the civil rights time then have to attempt to live through the upcoming NWO they tryna pull.”

She added, “This s**t is a lot scarier then plp think, y’all natural born rights being snatched up from under you but nobody cares. In a minute they gone try to tell you what you can and can’t buy and where you can & can’t go if you ain’t chipped.”

Earlier this year, Summer was accused of being racist after she made tactless comments about Chinese people and seemingly blamed the coronavirus outbreak on their “nasty” behavior. She refused to apologize despite facing numerous criticisms.

The “Over It” star has sparked numerous controversies since gaining mainstream recognitions in 2018. She said racism should be classified as a mental disorder and mom-shamed people who feed their babies infant formula, among other things.

Summer Walker is currently rumored to have a bun in the oven. She is reportedly expecting her first child as she broke up with her on-and-off boyfriend London Da Track after a year of relationship.

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