Pharrell Williams Thanks Naomi Campbell for His Ageless Appearance

Pharrell Williams Thanks Naomi Campbell for His Ageless Appearance

The ‘Happy’ hitmaker, who has launched a line of skincare products called Humanrace, shares that he gets some tips from the supermodel that helps him maintain his look.

Pharrell Williams has apparently benefited from Naomi Campbell‘s skincare tips. Having launched a line of skincare products called Humanrace, the “Happy” hitmaker thanked the supermodel for helping him in maintaining his ageless appearance.

The 47-year-old credited the British beauty in an interview for the December issue of Allure magazine. Spilling on the advice, he divulged, ” ‘As soon as you’re done washing your face, you wash it with cold water.’ She would always talk to me about never washing my face with the downward strokes of whatever cloth I was using, to always go upward, to go against the gravity.”

Pharell went on to spill that his love of skincare began when he was in mid-20s with the help of the women he dated or met professionally. “They’d talk to me about their skin and the things that they’d do,” he recalled. “It varied between the different girls and campaigns that they had done and what they felt was integral to their process.”

In the cover piece, the Grammy winner also explained the motivation behind Humanrace. “We just want to make things better. We want to democratize the experience of achieving wellness. And I’m not trying to be like any other wellness brand out there,” he said. “That’s what they do. That’s what they give. Ours is all based on results and solutions and sensations. We wanted to look at sensations. I mean, we live in a world that needs it.”

Pharrell’s skincare collection includes a rice powder cleanser, lotus enzyme exfoliant, and a humidifying moisturizer. On what inspired him to come up with the products, the husband of Helen Lasichanh pointed out, “I grew up in humidity.” He went on to elaborate, “The way I think about things… I’m an Aries, but I’m also a Cancer rising. Water makes me feel free. Water is very inspiring to me.”

Humanrace, which Pharell developed along with longtime dermatologist Dr. Elena Jones, is set to be released on November 25.