Olivia Wilde Defends Harry Styles for Wearing Dresses Following Candace Owens’ Criticisms

Olivia Wilde Defends Harry Styles for Wearing Dresses Following Candace Owens' Criticisms

The ‘Booksmart’ actress comes to the One Direction star’s defense after he was slammed by the right-wing political activist for wearing dresses during his Vogue photo shoot.

Olivia Wilde has slammed right-wing political activist Candace Owens after she criticised Harry Styles for wearing dresses during a recent photo shoot.

Harry made history last week (end15Nov20) by becoming the first male to have a solo cover of Vogue – a first he marked by blurring gender norms in a photo shoot that featured him wearing dresses.

On Sunday, Owens quote tweeted a post from Vogue promoting the shoot and accompanying interview by writing, “There is no society that can survive without strong men. The East knows this. In the west, the steady feminization of our men at the same time that Marxism is being taught to our children is not a coincidence. It is an outright attack. Bring back manly men.”

Director and actress Wilde, who is friends with Styles and cast him in her new movie “Don’t Worry Darling“, reacted angrily to the conservative commentator’s post, quoting it and commenting, “You’re Pathetic.”

In his Vogue interview the “Watermelon Sugar” hitmaker explained why he enjoys blurring gender norms with his style.

“When you take away ‘There’s clothes for men and there’s clothes for women,’ once you remove any barriers, obviously you open up the arena in which you can play. I’ll go in shops sometimes, and I just find myself looking at the women’s clothes thinking they’re amazing.”

“It’s like anything-anytime you’re putting barriers up in your own life, you’re just limiting yourself.”

“Clothes are there to have fun with and experiment with and play with,” he also said. “What’s really exciting is that all of these lines are just kind of crumbling away.”

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