November murk but also unseasonably mild where the sun breaks through

The national lockdown is bad enough, but it hardly helps when you get grey, damp, misty, murky weather so typical of November, and for today some moderate air pollution to go with it, especially where fog and murk lingers. But it’s not all doom and gloom, as it’ll become very mild where the sun comes through. Apart from a few showers later in the South West, it’ll also be mainly dry. So for most, it’ll be fine enough today for that permitted walk, maybe a cycle ride or for just tidying up the garden.

We have patchy fog again this morning some of which is dense in the Vale of York and freezing in the Lowlands of Scotland. This’ll take a while to clear, with mist and very low cloud in some central and southern areas, making it grey and murky in places. Cloud amounts will therefore vary but where the sun comes through it’ll become pleasantly mild, with 16C possible over sheltered parts of West and North Wales and maybe towards the South East. Winds generally will be light and mostly from a South Easterly quarter. Top temperatures mostly between 9 and 14C but where pockets of fog linger, you may get no higher than a rather cold 7 or 8C.

Temperatures on Saturday afternoon

It turns misty again after dark, with patchy fog and maybe a touch of frost returning to some Highland glens for a time. Elsewhere although very misty, fog is more likely to be over hills due to more cloud and a South Easterly breeze.  There’ll also be showers moving up from the South, probably getting as far North as Northern Ireland, Wales,  the North West, parts of the Midlands and central southern England by morning. Although turning cold across parts of Scotland for a while mostly the North, it’ll be milder night generally, with lowest temperatures mostly between 5 and 8C while the South West remains in double figures.

Sunday will dawn grey and misty for many with patches of mostly hill fog at first. There’ll also be sporadic bursts of rain working their way North across the country in a typically murky November day, followed by drier weather in southern and some central parts later. It remains mostly cloudy, however, but skies could break sufficiently in parts of the South to give a few sunny intervals by the afternoon. Should this be the case then temperatures could reach 15 or 16C in these parts, but 10 to 14C will be a more general maximum in a light or moderate South or South Easterly breeze.

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