Moniece Slaughter Denies Bleaching Her Skin: ‘It’s Flat Out Insulting’

Moniece Slaughter Denies Bleaching Her Skin: 'It's Flat Out Insulting'

Further proving her point, the ‘Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood’ alum shares on her Instagram account a picture of her comparing the natural skin color of her arms and her body.

Moniece Slaughter has addressed speculations that she’s bleaching her skin to look lighter. On Monday, November 2, the former “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood cast member went on Instagram Live to deny the allegations, noting that she had no idea where it came from.

While promoting a skincare product, the rapper said, “I don’t know where everybody gets off accusing me of bleaching my skin… We’re gonna unpack this.” She went on saying, “I saw somebody say bleaching… This is not for bleaching. I need you guys to get a good grip on the difference between exfoliating and brightening versus bleaching.”

She continued explaining, “Bleaching does not brighten. Bleaching deplinishes, bleaching removes melanin, bleaching takes away color, stains, that’s what bleaching does.”

Further proving her point, Moniece shared a picture on Instagram of her showing off her natural skin color. “Just woke up. Haven’t even washed my face. ZERO filter of ANY sort,” she wrote alongside a snap of her comparing the skin color of her arms and her body. “my chest that gets ZERO sunlight. Compared to my arms & hands. My chest is MY WINTER COLOR PERIOD GET OVER IT!!”

Additionally, the baby mama of Lil Fizz responded to some Internet users who accused her of bleaching her skin. “never once in my life nor will I ever attempt to do so,” Moniece insisted. “Y’all gotta get over my god given color. And wasn’t a single filter on this ig live video either. Leave me alone.”

She also hit back at another user who claimed that “kojic acid is typically used in anal bleaching which is why people are saying you’re bleaching your skin.” In response to that, Moniece wrote, “I was told it’s not a chemical. I don’t now [sic] and never have used kojic on my face. I go to @drsusan90210dermatology A BLACK dermatologist and use HER products geared towards ALL people of color. I also go to @glowskinenhancement also a BLACK dermatologist and use her products that are for people of COLOR. I also go to @honeybunnyskincare who is also a WOMAN OF COLOR for my facials. I don’t use white dermatologist.”

“I have ZERO desire to be white. NONE,” Moniece added. “if I could hold on to my summer tans I would. Y’all see me on tv under lighting that is altered in post edit and tons of makeup down to my neck chest shoulders and arms. Literally. And swore that was my natural color. It’s flat out insulting. Not you. But those who INSIST THAT I BLEACH.”