Melania Trump Dubbed ‘Terrible Example for the Country’ for Not Wearing Mask While Voting

Melania Trump Dubbed 'Terrible Example for the Country' for Not Wearing Mask While Voting

The First Lady, who previously tested positive for COVID-19 alongside husband Donald Trump and their 14-year-old son Barron, is seen casting her vote in Palm Beach, Florida without any face protection on despite ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Melania Trump did her part as citizen by casting her vote in the presidential election on November 3 in Palm Beach, Florida. While it was something worth a praise, FLOTUS earned backlash instead as she arrived without a mask on.

Arriving solo, the First Lady, who previously tested positive for COVID-19, opted for a chic style for the day, wearing oversized sunglasses, a sleeveless dress and heels. She styled her blonde locks in a loose chignon. However, people noticed that she didn’t wear a mask, one essential item amid the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic, prompting them to heavily drag Melania on social media.

“Wow, someone who had COVID-19, decided to go to an in person voting, but since it is @FLOTUS it is OK to go maskless, despite a mask mandate, and it is OK to shut down an entire voting precinct, because she wanted too. Priorities,” one user slammed Melania. Another person sarcastically added, “Wish I was special enough to go maskless.”

“Totally! I noticed that too. I guess she is more concerned about showing off her lipstick color than protecting the American citizens!” someone else chimed in. “Where’s your mask FLOTUS? Once again setting a terrible example for the country,” a person questioned.

Following the backlash, Melania’s spokesperson Stephanie Grisham released a statement to defend the First Lady. “With the exception of a couple of poll workers and her own staff (all of whom are tested), she was the only person in the building,” Ms. Grisham revealed to “No one was near her because of social distancing and the privacy one receives when they vote.”

While Melania arrived without face protection on, Palm Beach supervisor of elections Wendy Sartory Link, who walked alongside FLOTUS, wore a mask. In news footage that circulated online, she could be seen accompanying and chatting with the First Lady as they made way to vote.

Melania later shared with reporters about her decision to vote on November 3, unlike her husband who voted by mail last week. “It’s Election Day, so I wanted to come here to vote today for the election,” she revealed. In response to question about her feeling that day, she said, “Great, thank you.”