London On Da Track’s Baby Mama Clowns Summer Walker Over Her ‘Baby’s Nose’ Amid Pregnancy Claims

London On Da Track's Baby Mama Clowns Summer Walker Over Her 'Baby's Nose' Amid Pregnancy Claims

Seemingly done with the shades, the ‘CPR’ hitmaker decides to confront both Erica and Eboni by making a group chat on DM where she asks, ‘On a serious note why y’all so obsessed with me.’

The drama between Summer Walker and the baby mamas of her ex-boyfriend London On Da Track has yet to end. Seemingly done with the shades, the “Playing Games” hitmaker confronted both Erica and Eboni by making a group chat with them on Instagram DM.

“On a serious note why y’all so obsessed with me this s**t is really weird… by the look of y’all finances it seems like y’all should have a lot more to be worried about than little ol me?” the “CPR” songstress wrote to them. “I havnt done s**t to y’all? Stop the clout chasing for one sec n be real like y’all gone be bitter for life lmao? Just be mad forever?”

Instead of replying to Summer’s message, Eboni posted on Tuesday, November 3 a screenshot of the message and clapped back, “1st off puppy bunny how yu gon start off with ‘on a serious note’ then tell a joke? Humble your dirty lil self. Y on earth would I b obsessed with yu my daddy sent me to Atlanta w a half a mill when I was 20. My finances always stay straight.”

She added, “What yo ticket was at club platinum tho? I live in Atlanta where every1 kno what your lil p***y hit like.”

Not stopping there, Eboni then shared on her account a screenshot of her text exhange with a fan. The fan could be seen sending her a picture of a face emoji, but with an altered nose. “The baby going to be born wit her old nose,” said the fan, shading Summer and her plastic surgery. Eboni replied, “Lmaooo yo,” and captioned the post, “3 funny.”

Meanwhile, Erica seemed to be confused why she was being dragged into the drama. “I wanna know why this is coming to me when I’m not speaking on her.. maybe she is just problematic,” Erica wrote on Instagram Stories. “I don’t have time, stay happy, stay healthy. Good day.”

Eboni previously added fuel to reports that London had knocked up Summer despite her denial by writing on Instagram, “Summer pregnant with her dumb***. Paris ain’t claiming that sibling.” She added in another post, “I said what I said. Yeah Summer pregnant by a n**a putting his 3 baby moms on child support currently wit open cases.”

Summer responded with an “omg” along with a laughing and crying emoticon. As one of her followers was baffled as to why London’s exes kept talking about her, the “Last Day of Summer” star quipped, “Cause im the s**t & they obsessed [shrug].”

She doubled down on her denial in another post which read, “Y’all weird, who demand a stranger to tell you if they pregnant,” she said. “lol and what kinda creep wants someone else to have a baby that they will never meet or help them raise. & the answer is no b***h. I’m bloated but y’all weird.”

The singer announced her latest split from London nearly two weeks ago after a year of on-and-off relationship. She declared her single status before adding, “Eventually you have to give some kind of a f**k about yourself. It’s the bare minimum for me.”

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