Liam Payne Says It’s ‘Not Unusual’ for Him to Be ‘In and Out’ of His Son’s Life

Liam Payne Says It's 'Not Unusual' for Him to Be 'In and Out' of His Son's Life

The former One Direction member admits it’s usual for him to be away from his son as he reaches an agreement with his ex-girlfriend Cheryl to keep his distance during pandemic.

Liam Payne distanced himself from young son Bear during Britain’s first lockdown.

The singer, 27, and ex-girlfriend Cheryl agreed he should take some time “away” from their son when the coronavirus outbreak first began, with the former One Direction star admitting it’s “not unusual” for him to be “in and out” of the three-year-old’s life.

He tells Tings magazine, “(Lockdown is) the longest I haven’t seen him (Bear) in his life. But we discussed from the start and for different reasons, me and Cheryl decided I should be away for a little bit, it’s not unusual for me to be in and out of his life.”

“He’s a quiet and chill child,” adds the “Strip That Down” star, telling the publication, “He doesn’t worry about things too much.”

Liam also touched on how he and Cheryl are keen to keep Bear out of the spotlight, insisting it’s the right decision as he gets to be a dad and have a family away from his showbiz commitments.

The singer, who recently became engaged to girlfriend Maya Henry, previously revealed Bear started school back in September (20), after father and son were reunited following the end of Covid-19 restrictions.

Britain began its second lockdown on Thursday (05Nov20).

Back in July when the lockdown measures eased in U.K., Liam Payne reunited with little Bear. They spent time together at Cheryl’s house and the father-son duo bonded in the kitchen as the singer taught the kid how to cook.

“He actually ate the whole thing because he knew that he’d cooked it,” Liam smiled. “He’s gonna be very much like me. We’ve had some really lovely times over at the house.”