King Von’s Sister Demands Mortician Be Fired for Leaking Autopsy Picture

King Von's Sister Demands Mortician Be Fired for Leaking Autopsy Picture

Kayla takes to her Instagram account to expose the man, who allegedly intentionally shared the photo of her brother’s dead body, and ask his employer to fire him.

King Von‘s sister has found the culprit who leaked the autopsy photo of her late brother and she didn’t hesitate to expose him. Ousting an Atlanta mortician, who purportedly intentionally shared the supposedly confidential image, Kayla blasted the man on Instagram.

Kayla took to her account on the photo-sharing site on Thursday, November 12 to share the mortician’s photos and address. She angrily wrote in the caption, “THIS THE SICK MFER THAT POSTED MY BROTHER PICTURES !!!”

The sister of the “Crazy Story 2.0” hitmaker additionally demanded that the mortician’s employer, the Airport Mortuary Shipping Services, fire him. “HE WORK AT THE AIPORT MORTUARY. HIS WHOLE JOB KNOW HE DID THE S**T BUT THEY TRNA PROTECT HIM!!! WE NEED HIM FIRED NOW!!!!” she added.

Von’s autopsy photo surfaced online on Monday night, November 9, a few days after the Chicago rapper was shot and killed in Atlanta on Friday, November 6. Words were the snap began circulating among multiple people associated with Von’s rival rapper Quando Rondo. Eventually the image was posted on the Instagram page of Timothy Leeks, the man who has been accused and arrested for the murder of Von. Timothy is said to be the half-brother of rapper Quando.

Fans of the rapper were enraged by the leak of the photo, with one writing on Twitter, “i feel so sorry for King Von man, they disrespecting him to the MAX. they done released the video of him getting killed, released photos of his body on a morgue table, females making drama behind his name, mfs posting dms.. he can’t even rest in peace. That s**t super sad yo.”

Another shared the sentiment, “King Von I’m so sorry. These n***as are not letting you Rest In Peace. A lot of foul s**t going on. You deserve better king.” A third user slammed whoever leaked the photo, “Why are people posting King Von’s picture of his dead body in a morgue. Are you guys sick or are you sick??????”

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