Ivanka Trump Withdraws Kids From School After Complaints Over Disregard for COVID-19 Protocols

Ivanka Trump Withdraws Kids From School After Complaints Over Disregard for COVID-19 Protocols

White House spokeswoman Carolina Hurley calls the attacks at the daughter of Donald Trump and her husband Jared Kushner over their decision amid the pandemic ‘shameful.’

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner have removed their three kids from their private Washington, D.C. school over administrators’ concerns about the couple’s disregard for COVID-19 safety protocols.

According to CNN, the daughter of U.S. leader Donald Trump and her husband “repeatedly violated a number of the guidelines” outlined in the school’s parent handbook, and subsequently pulled the three children, Arabella, Theodore and Joseph, from the institution.

“There was no secret about their behaviors, because everyone could see them,” an unnamed parent from the school shared, referring to Ivanka and Jared’s jobs as White House advisers, when they were often photographed not wearing masks, as well as the high number of positive COVID-19 cases among administration staffmembers.

A number of parents reportedly complained to school officials that the family was not following the school’s protocols which, besides the wearing of face masks, also include social-distancing and self-quarantining if exposed to someone with the virus.

Following a meeting between Ivanka, Jared, and school leaders, a decision was made that the children would be withdrawn from the school.

White House spokeswoman Carolina Hurley addressed the situation, saying, “Unnamed sources attacking a family’s decision about what is best for their kids in the middle of a pandemic is shameful.”

“As is true for all families, schooling choices and education are deeply personal decisions and they owe no one, especially idle gossips seeking press attention, an explanation.”

The news follows reports that over 130 Secret Service officers have either tested positive for the coronavirus or are in quarantine due to the high number of White House officials diagnosed with the virus. Despite battling COVID-19 himself, President Trump has urged Americans not to be “afraid” of catching it, while repeatedly flouting his own health bosses’ safety guidelines.