Husband of YouTube Star Ken Walker’s Alleged Side Chick Speaks Out on Cheating Rumors

Husband of YouTube Star Ken Walker's Alleged Side Chick Speaks Out on Cheating Rumors

The man, who claims that his wife was spotted cozying up to the one-half of popular YouTube couple DK4L, says that he will be filing for divorce over the reported infidelity.

Popular YouTube star Ken Walker has been accused of cheating on his fiancee De’arra. The 26-year-old, who is known collectively as DK4L with his longtime girlfriend, was spotted cozying up to a woman who is not De’arra on Wednesday night, November 11. In the video which circulated online, Ken was seen briefly touching the woman’s booty.

While the woman was initially unidentified, a man who claims to be the husband of the woman in the video has spoken up on the cheating allegation. Elijah Pierce went on Instagram Live on early Friday, saying that he believes what he saw in the video, though his wife told him that “nothing happened” between her and Ken.

Ken informed his followers that he would be divorcing his wife Morgan Pierce over her alleged infidelity, saying, “This would be the final straw. I will be filing for divorce.”

Elijah also took to his Instagram Stories to blast his wife over her alleged affair with Ken, accusing her of abandoning their child. “Finally got that attention huh @_morganpierce,” he wrote prior to going on Live. “Guessing this why you ain’t seen ya daughter in weeks smh.”

He added in another post, “I didn’t wanna be in no parts of this s**t…but f**k it..” He told his followers, “I appreciate all ya dms. Like I said I AM GOOD I been good. I was good before and I will be after.”

While he’s clearly disappointed, Ken said that he would restrain from speaking ill about his wife. “Everything I did for her was out of pure intent cause I seen potential in her. But it is what it is,” he claimed. “I’m not gonna speak ill of my child’s mother cause that’s hurting my daughter. And she’s the ONLY thing I care about. If y’all want any further information feel free to hit my cash app.”

Neither Ken nor De’arra has responded to the cheating accusation, but Ken’s brother Kris confirmed that it was indeed his brother in the video. “Yes, that’s my twin brother sadly to say,” he said of the clip which has gone viral. When a fan asked how many times Ken has cheated, he responded, “IDK TBH. That’s him not me.”

This isn’t the first time Ken was caught in a cheating scandal. Back in 2018, he’s also accused of cheating on De’arra.