Fog and frost before a warmer weekend

Many places stay around 11 or 12C and it will turn chilly again tonight inland, down to around freezing with a touch of frost. Fog will form again, NE England looking particularly prone and the Central Belt. SW Britain looks murky as milder air edges in, so low cloud and mistiness through the night.

A quiet still nippy start for Saturday for much of the UK. It will be milder, more cloudy with an easterly breeze over Cornwall and Devon. The fog will again be reluctant to clear for parts of Yorkshire and inland NE England. There will also be more cloud for the SW half of England/Wales including low cloud and early murk, more sunshine to the NE. North and western Wales soon brighten and warm up. With a light east to SE breeze northwest Wales could see around 19C, much warmer. Southern Britain feeling milder with temperatures of 13 to 15C. Further north in Britain it remains colder with no breeze but sunny and fine.

Northern Ireland will have a light easterly breeze and see the odd showery burst by late afternoon as the cloud cover increases. There will also be outbreaks of rain arriving over Cornwall by teatime, from the Atlantic low. This frontal system looks to bring some wet and wild weather over Iberia and a Mediterranean Episode of torrential rain is being warned about for southern France.

Further outbreaks of rain spread over Ireland, SW Britain and over western Scotland during Saturday night with milder air after the recent chilly nights.

Sunday will be mild again but with more cloud. A SE breeze and outbreaks of rain for Wales, western Scotland and a bit for NW England. Well scattered showery outbreaks, the milder air and more cloud last into Monday. So not the crisp, dry sunny weather that we have to end this week.

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