Dua Lipa and Madonna Become ‘Really Close’ After Bonding Over Mutual Support for BLM

Dua Lipa and Madonna Become 'Really Close' After Bonding Over Mutual Support for BLM

The ‘Levitating’ singer explains how her collaboration with the Material Girl came about as she heaps praises on the iconic star, describing her as really nice, fun, and bubbly.

Dua Lipa and Madonna bonded over their shared support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Madonna appears alongside Missy Elliot on a reworked version of Dua’s track “Levitating”, that appears on a remixed version of the British pop star’s latest album, “Future Nostalgia“.

And Dua says that when they spoke about working on the track they discussed their love lives, politics and their experiences offering support to the protests that broke out in the U.S. and around the world over the summer (20).

“We had a 20-minute conversation and we spoke about the song, we spoke about men, we spoke about everything that was happening in the world; the Black Lives Matter protests were happening in London,” the “New Rules” hitmaker tells Britain’s Attitude magazine.

“I’d just gone to one, and she was going the next day. You know, there was a lot to talk about, but she was fun and bubbly, everything you could imagine her (to be).”

On how the collaboration came about, Dua explains, “I said to my manager, ‘I know this is super-crazy… do you think we could reach out and see if Madonna’s into it?’ ”

“He was, like, ‘The worst they can say is, no.’ All right, f**k it, let’s see. Madonna got back to us and she was into the idea, she loved it – and then she called me on the phone – I was nervous, but she was really nice.”

The star also spoke about her friendship with Miley Cyrus – with whom she has also been working on an as yet unreleased song.

“We started becoming really close because we were constantly texting and talking, and (the collaboration) just happened.

“It’s the perfect mix of both of us; it’s got a lot of attitude, and it’s playful, sexy and cute. We had a blast doing it and shooting the video.”