Cold week, brisk easterly wind blows next few days, with showers in the east

The current cold spell will continue for the rest of this week and into the weekend, but there are hints that it will turn less cold early next week, as the flow increasingly switches to come from the west off the Atlantic rather than from the east like this week. High pressure to the north and low pressure to the south will bring a cold easterly wind over the next few days, western areas will be predominantly dry and sunnier while eastern areas will be prone to wintry showers off the North Sea, while SE England will see longer spells of rain or sleet. Where skies clear overnight, frost will develop, leading to some icy patches where showers have fallen. The easterly wind eases by Thursday and turns more northerly by Friday, a band of rain and snow looks to spread south Thursday and Friday, high pressure building to the north behind this bringing drier and sunnier conditions to the north by the end of the week.


For now, a northeasterly wind, strong across eastern England, will feed in showers across SE Scotland and much of eastern England through today, showers wintry over hills, some sunny spells in between the showers. A weather front lying close to SE England will bring a cloudier day with outbreaks of rain on and off for much of the day, perhaps some sleet over hills later. Much of northern Scotland, under high pressure, and most western areas with shelter from the easterly wind, will have a dry and sunny day. Cold everywhere, feeling particularly cold across eastern England exposed to the strong wind from the east or northeast, where the wind will gust to 30-45 mph. Temperatures reaching 4-6C generally.


The brisk northeasterly wind continuing across eastern areas tonight, strong across the southeast, feeding in wintry showers across eastern Scotland and eastern England, more prolonged spells of rain across SE England, perhaps with some wintriness over hills. Northern and western Scotland and most of the west further south will have a dry night with clear spells with frost developing, perhaps some freezing fog patches in the northwest. Temperatures falling to 1-3C across the east of England, close to or below freezing elsewhere.

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