Chrissy Teigen Offers to Help Fan Find Tattoo for Stillborn Son Tribute After Showing Off Her Own

Chrissy Teigen Offers to Help Fan Find Tattoo for Stillborn Son Tribute After Showing Off Her Own

Weeks after losing her third child with John Legend, the ‘Bring the Funny’ judge unveils a new cursive script inked on her wrist as she shares a photo of her and her husband holding hands.

Chrissy Teigen is showing compassion when honoring a deep loss. Shortly after unveiling a brand new tattoo she made in honor of her late third child with husband John Legend, the “Bring the Funny” judge took time to offer help to a fan who sought to find the right ink tribute for her stillborn son.

The former model made public her latest body art via Twitter on Saturday, October 31. It prompted one of her fans to tell her about her own difficulty in finding a tattoo design to honor her stillborn child. “I’ve been trying to find the best tattoo to represent my stillborn son for 13 years. I love your tattoo for jack,” the fan explained.

The fan’s confession apparently caught Chrissy’s attention. In response, the cookbook author wrote back, “Let’s help you find something you love. Maybe one s shape, a swirl of air around you.” It got the fan to reply, “OMG. His name is Henrick. It was supposed to be Henrik, but holy shit there is a lot of paperwork to fill out within an hour of handing over your dead baby’s body. I couldn’t spell my own name at that time.”

Chrissy Teigen's Tweet

Chrissy Teigen helped a fan to find a right tattoo for her stillborn son.

Chrissy showed off her brand new tattoo through a picture wherein she and her singer husband holding hands. On her wrist, a new cursive script that read “Jack” could clearly be seen. The ink tribute is placed near her other tributes for her husband and their two children, 4-year-old Luna and 2-year-old Miles.

Chrissy’s tribute tattoo garnered many supportive feedback. One online user stated, “CHRISSY so sorry Dear for your loss ..God Bless you and your family..” Another wrote, “Bless his little soul! Jack is your little angel! I have a baby Angel. I called him Star!” A third noted, “So glad you’re slowly coming to us. Such a heartfelt tribute to him.”

The 34-year-old’s Twitter post came just a few days after she returned to social media in the wake of her devastating miscarriage in late September. Taking to Instagram Story on October 27, she penned, “I’ve missed posting my cookbook journey. I (am) so incredibly proud – it will absolutely be my best ever. I got to step away from the world and do something I love, but truly missed being able to bring you along for the journey.”