Big Brain Revolution: Artificial Intelligence

New book from psychiatrist, therapist and business woman examines the good, the bad, and the potentially ugly effects of machine learning on the human mind

Released today, The Big Brain Revolution shows the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the human brain, uncovering hidden secrets from the science of neuro-technology. The author examines the evidence that bombarding 1.4kg of brain matter with pings, dings and rings is re-wiring our neurons – transforming the way humans think and act.

AI is able to read signals from your body and brain, detecting when you lie and finding out when you fall in love. The book is a fun fact-filled review of the latest advancements in everything from restoring memory loss to robot parents. Readers will also discover psychological strategies for healthy thinking in a technological age with techniques to help keep control of your own brain.

Big Brain Revolution Book

Big Brain Revolution Book

Book recommendations

“I encourage many others who, like me, do not understand artificial intelligence, to learn what this means as well as its potential benefits and its imminent effects on our lives.”
– Professor Sir John Gurdon, Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine 2012, University of Cambridge.

“The world of AI is both fascinating and confusing at the same time. Big Brain Revolution is a great place to find clarity and Dr Michelle Tempest writes in a way that makes this incredible topic accessible to everyone”
– Shaa Wasmund MBE, entrepreneur and international bestselling author of Stop Talking, Start Doing.

“This book slices through the jargon about artificial intelligence. It takes you on a journey of discovery about how AI will imminently change your brain – and your life. Put it at the top of your must-read list.”
– Professor Shafi Ahmed, futurist and surgeon who performed the world’s first virtual reality operation.

What the reader will learn
The book gathers multiple examples of how AI could manipulate the mind within the settings of social media, marketing, politics, military operations, medical care and propaganda. It highlights how ‘healthy eating’ is commonly spoken about, but ‘healthy thinking’ is often overlooked. People carefully choose what food to ingest into their bodies, yet few think about how their brains are passively exposed to a constant stream of adverts, and to a barrage of digital updates. Healthy thinking requires the brain to be put centre stage and nourished, just as the body deserves more than junk food. The book encourages us all to question if ‘free will’ and ‘free thought’ are being put at risk as AI learns more about the human brain. Questioning if parts of the brain will shrivel as we outsource decisions to AI – just as muscles atrophy. The finale offers psychological strategies for healthy thinking in a technological age.

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About the author
Dr Michelle Tempest worked as a hospital doctor, psychiatrist and cognitive analytical therapist for over a decade. Now she is a partner in a healthcare strategy consultancy company, Candesic, working globally. She personally invests in AI early stage companies and advises firms interested in emerging digital technology. Michelle ran for parliament in the 2010 UK General Election and teaches ethics and law at Cambridge University. She is an advocate of making learning fun, lifelong and accessible to all.


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