Asian Doll Quits Social Media After Accused of Clout Chasing With King Von’s Death

Asian Doll Quits Social Media After Accused of Clout Chasing With King Von's Death

The ‘Rolling’ rapper’s manager accuses the Dallas raptress of lying about Von’s last words, claiming that the two stars were no longer an item when the Chicago native got shot and killed.

Asian Doll a.k.a. Asian Da Brat has closed her social media platforms, where she had been taking her grief for the last few days following the death of her boyfriend King Von. The raptress has deactivated her Twitter and Instagram account after being slammed by the late star’s manager for revealing what she claimed to be Von’s last words.

Asian tweeted and later deleted on Sunday night, November 8, “Von last words was ‘y’all let them n***as get up on me…. stop crying y’all let them get me.’ ” She seemed to allude that Von’s friends were to blame for his death.

Von’s manager and CEO of 100K Management, Jameson Francois, later blasted Asian, posting on his Instagram Stories on Monday, “Let one more person from the outside that’s close to Von keep on with all this goofy s**t. I promise I’ma expose all that goofy s**t, ’cause I was there n got shot behind this.”

Denying Asian’s allegation that Von’s crew was partly responsible for his death, Jameson added, “Y’all stop blaming people y’all don’t even know what happen or who was involved. Y’all see one camera angel and think y’all figured it out. That goes for [ex]-girlfriend, family, or whoever.”

Not stopping there, Jameson had an interview with DJ Akademiks where he talked about Asian’s tweets. “Von didn’t have anything to do with Asian Doll. Doll moved on and Von was doing some other things,” he said, insinuating that the “Poppin” raptress had no right to talk about Von like she knew him so well, while they allegedly had broken up before he got shot and killed. “He cared for her because he’s a very loyal guy. So of course he wanted the best of her. But they wasn’t that.”

He went on debunking Asian’s claim about speaking with Von before his death. “She’s coming on these platforms and people taking these tweets like it came from Von personally. Asian Doll did not speak to Von before he died,” he insisted.

James added, “She’s talking about she talking to Von through her spiritual advisor from after death.” He went on reading alleged text messages from Asian before adding, “So you talking to the dead now, Asain Doll? Von from the afterlife is telling Asian Doll these ‘facts,’ guys.” When asked if Asian did it because she’s hurt or she’s just clout chasing, Von’s manager suggested that she was a clout chaser indeed.

Asian then responded to James’ statements. “He really runnin’ his mouth. Everything he sayin’, that ain’t s**t,” she said on Instagram Live. “Nobody was there. None of us was there. Nobody was there. We saw it. Everybody saw it.” She clapped back at the manager for attacking her, saying, “Why do you feel like you need to come at the girlfriend? Everybody said something about y’all the whole world said something about y’all.”

“Know your place. Sit the f**k down in that wheelchair,” she said of James, who was apparently also injured in the shooting. ” ‘Cause we saw you. We saw what happened. F**k one angle. F**k the next angle. Everybody saw what the f**k happened. And I wasn’t there. Just like y’all wasn’t there. And when I said whatever came out of Von mouth, that s**t is real. ‘Cause the n***a in the car said it. I’m not, like, making this s**t up.”

“Who the f**k wanna go through some s**t like this? Who wanna go — who wanna see they n***a get killed on camera? And people run. Who want to see that s**t? Don’t nobody want to see that s**t,” she continued ranting. “And I would’ve never left his side… And everything happens for a reason because I’m alive and I’m here to speak the f**king truth. And you n***as need to shut the f**k up if y’all ain’t gon’ go step or do something — stop comin’ for me! Go do somethin’. Stop trying to put pieces together and say what started the beef. Stop f**kin’ playin’ because y’all know.”

Many people have since come to Asian’s defense, with one slamming James for his interview, “Wow this is disrespectful.” Another responded to his claims, “How She A Clout Chaser And She Had Clout Be Getting With Von ? Make It Make Sense.”

“He definitely in the wrong for speaking on her when she’s mourning… as he should be doing, instead of making interviews right after he passed,” a third user echoed the sentiment. Someone else reiterated, “Tf he doing Interviews for this the wrong time.”