Actress Broselianda Hernandez Boudet Found Dead in Miami Beach

Actress Broselianda Hernandez Boudet Found Dead in Miami Beach

The ‘Women of Honor’ star has passed away at the age of 56 and her body was recently discovered by authorities near the shoreline in Miami Beach, Florida.

Cuban actress Broselianda Hernandez Boudet has been found dead.

The star’s body was discovered along the shoreline in Miami Beach, Florida, after her family say she left her home to buy cigarettes. She was 56 years old.

Police confirmed on Thursday (19Nov20) that there were no apparent signs of foul play and officials from the medical examiner’s office have yet to determine a cause of death.

Ernesto Rodriguez, a spokesperson for the authorities, said a witness called the police early on Wednesday after finding a woman near the shoreline.

Boudet rose to fame in Cuban soap operas in the 1990s, appearing in the likes of “When Water Returns to Land” and “Women of Honor“, and went on to appear in movies including movies “Habanera“, “Things I Left in Havana“, and “Jose Marti: The Eye of the Canary“, as the mother of the Cuban independence hero.

She filmed “The Companion” in 2015, her final movie before she headed to Miami, where she stayed for five years until her death.

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel paid tribute on Twitter following the sad news of Boudet’s death, writing, “Farewell to an exceptional actress named Broselianda. We mourn her early loss. Our condolences to her family and friends.”

Cuban singer Liuba Maria Hevia also honored the late star on Instagram as she posted that she would “never know how to say goodbye” to Hernandez.

Hernandez is survived by her grown daughter, Sofia, her life partner, and her elderly parents.

In a 2010 interview, she described herself as “very bipolar” while talking about her struggle with mental health issues. “Sometimes I feel eighty years old,” so she said.